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I have a requirement where i am using Struts2 as well as Jqgrid in JSP.

As per my requirement i am getting a list from different action class through interceptor.

I have to pass the list to JSP and from the Jgrid url back to respective action class.

When i am using request.setAttribute and passing the same value as parameter for

jqgrid action class url its working fine [E.g showExcelGrid.action?LIST='+"<%=request.getAttribute("LIST")%>" but when list is large its not working properly.

Please suggest some ideas.


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POST it? What info do you actually need to send back? What does jqgrid provide for serialization? – Dave Newton Apr 4 '12 at 15:06

I am not sure how JqGrid work but below describe the way value flow both way

To send List/Map or any other collection backed object from your action class to JSP all you need to create a list property in your action class and provide its getter and setters for this

Sample Action Class

public class SampleAction extends ActionSupport{

 private List<String> listForJspPage;

  //getter and setter for this list property

  public String execute() throws Exception{
    listForJspPage=new ArrayList<String>();
    listForJspPage=fill this list with values
    return SUCCESS;


with above code when your action will get executed you have listForJspPage in value stack and can be accessed using OGNL

Sample JSP

<s:iterator value="listForJspPage">
  // do what ever you want to fo

here value="listForJspPage" will be interpreted by S2 as getListForJspPage() in your action class to fetch the values.

For sending the value back to action class we can make sure of the setter method with a little help from OGNL like

<s:iterator value="listForJspPage">
     <s:textfield name="listForJspPage['%{id}'].value" value="%{value}" />

In this we iterate over the listForJspPage List. On the textfield tag we set the name to "listForJspPage['%{id}'].value", this would result in something that looks like "listForJspPage['1'].value". which further can be seen as

getListForJsppage().get(index).setvalue(out given value);
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I know this late, but I found this one today which works.

You can pass the list from one action class to another via jsp using the s:select tag of struts2 as follows:

List<String> formList //getter and setter should be there in both the action classes

<div id="divList" style="display: none;">
<s:select list="formlist" multiple="true" id="selectedList" name="formListList"></s:select>

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