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I am trying to override Devise's default mailer to implement some custom functionality. Devise is sending the e-mails, but with blank bodies. I stripped my custom Mailer of all it's functionality and made it as bare bone as possible, but to no avail. Here is my code.

# config/initializers/devise.rb
config.mailer = DeviseMailer

# app/mailers/devise_mailer.rb
class DeviseMailer < Devise::Mailer
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The class you wrote expects its views to be at app/views/devise_mailer/ . If you want to use the devise bodies, generate them or add them the view path.

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I already had them generated, but left them in the default location. apps/views/devise/mailer. On a side note, is the location of the views determined by the class name / namespace, or by the location of the file in which the class is defined? – Arjan Apr 4 '12 at 18:08
yes, it is. its the same as photos_controller expects the related files at app/views/photos/ . Rails is more about convention over configuration – Sairam Apr 5 '12 at 5:27

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