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I come across some code where a LPCTSTR is assigend to a _bstr_t. As a BSTR does provide length information according to MSDN and a common TCHAR pointer does not I am unsure if the following code is safe. I did not find a clue that there is an overloaded operator that makes this possible safely, however this seems to work without any obvious errors, but it might be undefined behaviour.


// pComObject->Property is of type _bstr_t
pComObject->Property = (LPCTSTR) string;
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I'm curious about the LPCTSTR cast... what is the type of string? If string is an instance of std::string or std::wstring, you should use c_str() method. If string is an instance of CString, there is an implicit LPCTSTR conversion operator. –  user1149224 Apr 4 '12 at 15:51
string is a CString, so the right part is ok. I missed to look at the assignment operators though. –  Alex Apr 4 '12 at 15:54

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Yes, _bstr_t has an operator= which accepts a NULL-terminated string (both wide and multibyte), so this is safe

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