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brief:I have to servers working same application one of them will host some media files [mp4] I need to play those media whatever I call the site from server 1 or server 2.

In details my site published on two different IIS servers one and I need to put a folder on IIS server 1 and could access the folder and it's content from the IIS server 2.

I try to put a shortcut on the server 2 that refer to the actual folder on server 1 No problem of course to open it throw the windows file system.

but how could I load the files from the actual folder trough the shortcut .. if it possible

if not please advise me with a solution for such problem !?

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2 Answers 2

Create a Virtual Folder to the folder on the other server.


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If you can't create Virtual Directories in IIS, you can always create NTFS Symbolic Links. Read more about them here

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