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I use the Maven plugin exec and have defined it in a profile of my pom.xml like this:


Now, if I set the argument that I defined in this code sample to <argument>-h</argument>, the terminal call mvn org.codehaus.mojo:exec-maven-plugin:exec -P optimizepng works as expected and prints out the help of optipng.

What I figured out is, that the asterisk may not be interpreted as a shell character. Could this be the reason for it? If so, is there a tag that I can apply anywhere to toggle shell interpretation?

Additional info on my plan in the first place: I want to optimize all png files in the src/main/webapp/images/ folder, using optipng. What I would use as a shell command is optipng src/main/webapp/images/*.png.

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Okay, now that was quick. I figured out, I could just start the shell instead and let it interpret the terminal call I want to execute.

        <argument>optipng src/main/webapp/images/*.png</argument>

This code sample is what I had to fix, so this does the job.

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