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What plugins and plugin features do I need to set in order to get my Jenkins job to trigger a build anytime code is committed to a SVN project? I have installed both the standard SVN plugin as well as the SVN tagging plugin but do not see any new features that allow trigger configuration.

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There are two ways to go about this:

I recommend the first option initially, due to its ease of implementation. Once you mature in your build processes, switch over to the second.

  1. Poll the repository to see if changes occurred. This might "skip" a commit if two commits come in within the same polling interval. Description of how to do so here, note the fourth screenshot where you configure on the job a "build trigger" based on polling the repository (with a crontab-like configuration).

  2. Configure your repository to have a post-commit hook which notifies Jenkins that a build needs to start. Description of how to do so here, in the section "post-commit hooks"

The SVN Tag feature is not part of the polling, it is part of promoting the current "head" of the source code to a tag, to snapshot a build. This allows you to refer to Jenkins buid #32 as SVN tag /tags/build-32 (or something similar).

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post-commit hooks rock. Faster response times, and (at scale) your CI system doesn't crush the source repo with hundreds of change log requests. –  EricMinick Apr 5 '12 at 15:22
@EricMinick They are great, but sometimes they can melt the CI server, if you get a lot of small commits in a short period of time. It is all horses for courses, and it is hard to know which method is favourable without analysing how your dev process is currently functioning. –  Edwin Buck Apr 5 '12 at 15:27
@EdwinBuck: Do you know if there is a way to configure Jenkins to build only selective commits? I will explain, I have a tortoiseSVN, and a Jenkins project which keeps polling the repository. Now if I wish that the commit I make should not trigger Jenkins, is there a way to do that? –  UnderDog Jan 5 at 20:04
@UnderDog If you have matured to the point where you have a post-commit trigger in maven, then I prefer a solution which looks for special "key words" in the post-commit trigger and upon discovering them, opts to NOT tell the Jenkins server to launch a new build. For example "^DONTBUILD -.*" might be used as a "dont build" flag if provided in the first line of the commit. –  Edwin Buck Jan 5 at 22:23

Edwin's answer is perfect. But in addition to that, if you want to trigger a jenkins job directly from command line, this article describes that in details.

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