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I have a school project where I need to create a gui for a database. The database contains 3 tables:

  1. a table for pizzas

  2. a table for toppings

  3. And a table, which contains the foreign keys for the pizzas and toppings. Basically this table declares, what toppings does a pizza have.

I can display now the pizza table in a JTable through a custom TableModel (the table model communicates with the database).

But now I would like to add two columns for the table. These columns would contain two buttons in each row, one for deleting the actual row, one for opening a dialog, which enables to edit the current pizza (add toppings, change attributes, etc.).

How can I add these columns, if I "feed" the JTable from a custom table model? Do I need to modify the table model, or the JTable?

Thanks in advande for the help.

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Take a look at TableCellRenderer and TableCellEditor. –  Steve Kuo Apr 4 '12 at 15:37
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add JButton (with correct workaround for TableCellRenderer and TableCellEditor) in the JTable's cell is one hardiest jobs in the Swing,

1) @camickrs Table Button Column

2) add JPanel with JComponents to the JTable's column

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