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I have a problem. I want to save a XAML state into a file, or something like this. I developed a Silverlight version of PowerPoint, and now i want to save my presentation, but i don't know how...i'm using Silverlight 3 beta(if helps)...

I would like to allow users to upload their photos, music and video file somewhere.....where and how can i do this?

Thanks, Andrei.

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Well, that's a toughy. WPF has the Xaml Writer which can send that state out. Silverlight doesn't :(

What you're doing sounds a lot like Mike Harsh's Silverlight 3 sample. His source is available; Maybe that will provide a suitable approach.

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I know that sample. But it dosen't help me. Thank you. – Andrei Bularca Jun 16 '09 at 17:45
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I solved the problem by saving data in XML files. When i want to recreate the state of the app i set all the parameters from my XML file.

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