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I'm testing some cookies that I'm creating via JavaScript. Is there a way to check if the cookie was set in Chrome Developer Tools or something similar?

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To check cookies using Chrome:

  1. Open Developer Tools (usually F12)
  2. Click the "Resources" tab
  3. Expand the "Cookies" list item
  4. Click any list item.

You can view cookies in detail here, and clear them out (click any list item under cookies then click the cancel icon on the bottom left of the table).

You can also check cookies with the javascript console, e.g. document.cookie, but the results are not formatted as nicely.

Note: this only pertains to the current page's cookies, which as a developer should be all you need anyway.

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In your console, type document.cookie. It will return the active cookies for that page.

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Over the last week I'm starting to realize how awesome the JS console is! Thanks! – Howdy_McGee Apr 4 '12 at 16:16
In Linux the JS console is just the [CTRL]+[Shift]+i keys away... and a click on the "Console" tab. – psiphi75 Jul 5 '13 at 12:36

Another method is to type the following:


in the address bar.

Then use the left click to see more details (content, expiration date, etc.).

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You can also use web developer tool which not only helps you to view cookies but also helps you to display.delete (session,domain,path) cookies individually.

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