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Am trying to get 3 images to be show side by side in matlab. But when I use subplot they are being spaced out unevenly. The first and second is a 25-by-25 pxl image and the third is a 25-by-75 image.

How can i get it to be show like

| img || img ||     img       |
|  1  ||  2  ||      3        |
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You can use subplot to span multiple grid squares. For your example try

subplot(1,4,3:4) % this will expand the third axes over the last two grid squares


The position of the axes can be h=subplot(...) returns the handle to the newly created axes. You can then use set to adjust the axes or you can use

h=subplot('position', [left bottom width height])

manually place the axes in the figure. Also, note the functions get(h,'prop') and set(h,'prop',value) are also available to adjust other axes properties. See the MATHWORK's handle graphics browser section on axes for documentation on all the available properties.

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It worked like a charm, but I have two questions, the images are coming out discolored, and is there a way I can get them to almost touch? –  cubearth Apr 4 '12 at 16:53
@cubearth See updates to my answer for adjusting the subplot positions. Not sure what's happening with the image colors. Need more information to help you there. –  Azim Apr 4 '12 at 17:07

Another alternative is to create a new image:

abuttedImage = [im1 im2 im3]; 

This will work as long as the number of rows in each image are the same.

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