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I am new to jqGrid, and having trouble with achieving a couple of tasks. Any guidance will be a huge help.

I need to have dynamically populated drop down list.

 $("#HEALTH_PLAN_CATEGORY_VALUE_ID").change(function () {            $.getJSON('/Ajax/GetCountyForHealthPlan', { id: $(this).val() }, function (counties) {                var ddlSelectedCounty = $("#COUNTY_GSA_LOOKUP_ID");

                // clear all previous options                $("#COUNTY_GSA_LOOKUP_ID > option").remove();

                // populate the products                for (i = 0; i < counties.length; i++) {

                    ddlSelectedCounty.append($("<option />").val(counties[i].Value).text(counties[i].Text));                }



Thanks a lot.

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If you need to fill options in the select list of edit form for some column dynamically you should use dataUrl to get the data from the server and buildSelect to convert the server response to <select><option value='val'>Text</option>...</select>. See "UPDATED" part of the answer for an example.

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