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I have a C++ project that depends on a few other projects. This project is built as a dll, and is used in a c# project. The c# project builds fine, and executes, if I run it from its current directory. If I include it in another solution, with exactly the same dependencies (only a lot more projects), it fails to execute. (I get an error that the C# executable cannot find the c++ dll)
I had to do a bit of troubleshooting before I got the project to work on its own.
I did check the dependencies for all the dependent projects in the larger solution, and they are correct.
At this point, I don't know where to look to make the project work. I would appreciate any hint.
Edit: A different solution containing the same projects works. I can't figure out why that particular solution didn't (even after looking at sln), but I will live to accept some of life's bigger mysteries.

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