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I tried researching but couldn't come up with a good jQuery Plugin that will allow me to insert a background image onto a div while being scalable. For example,

Lets say I have a 4 different divs like so:

<div id="one">


<div id="two">


<div id="three">


<div id="four">


Each #/id/div must have their own unique image and must resize or be scalable to the browser width and height. I want this to be compatible with IE7+. If Stack Overflow community can help that would be awesome.

I know i can use background-resize:100% on the div but will only work on modern browsers.

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This link could help you with changing the body background to a scalar image. Perhaps you could apply the same concept to the divs you've got?

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Something I threw together to get you started. Set the size of the div before creating or add two additional paramers for width and height.

(function( $ ) {
  $.fn.bgImage = function( src ) {
    var d=this;
    var ht=d.html();
    var z=parseInt(d.css('z-index'));
    if(!z) z=0;  
    var oImg=document.createElement('img'); 
    d.append('<div id="a" style="position:absolute;z-index:'+(z+1)+';">'+ht+'</div>');
})( jQuery );

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