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I am writing an app using PhoneGap for Android in Eclipse. Since the project is an Android project, it's in a Java perspective. For whatever reason, Eclipse won't highlight HTML and JavaScript for me while in an Android/Java project/perspective and switching to the JavaScript perspective doesn't highlight the code either. Without highlighting or debugging tools, the debug process is very slow.

How do I tell Eclipse to highlight HTML and JavaScript for me while working in a Java Environment?

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Make sure you have JSDT(for JavaScript) and the Web Page Editor(for HTML) installed. From About Eclipse -> Installation Details, check for JavaScript Development Tools(JSDT) and Web Page Editor.

To install them :

  • Install New Software -> Work with: Indigo (or Helios) ->Web, XML Java EE, and OSGi Enterprise Development -> JavaScript Development Tools
  • Install New Software -> Work with: Indigo (or Helios) ->Web, XML Java EE, and OSGi Enterprise Development -> Web Page Editor

Alternatively, you could use the AppLaud Eclipse plugin I've created for doing PhoneGap development for Android. See the Getting Started instructions.

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After installing, make sure to right click a file in the explorer and choose Open with: to select your newly installed editor. Don't do what I did, which was continue to open them in the default text editor view and then complain that the newly installed perspectives were not working! – shanethehat Jan 4 '13 at 11:47
This should have been the accepted answer in my opinion, as this is a solution instead of a workaround – Maarten Jan 26 '13 at 13:44
In light of shanethehat's addition, I presume that this will solve the problem and is the best answer. When I tried Paul's solution, I did not get the results I expected, but I suspect that if I had done what shanethehat describes it would have worked. Even though I haven't tested it, I have made this the accepted answer because as Maarten pointed out, it's a solution rather than a bullshit (but effective) workaround, as seen in my own (previously accepted) answer. – Jason Hartley Apr 9 '13 at 15:42

The only real solution I found was to create a new html document and paste in the text from the original document, delete the original, then rename the new document. This technique is dumb, but it works.

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Weird, but it works, thanks! BTW, have you submitted a bug report? – Vitaly May 3 '12 at 17:55

Aptana is the best plugin for HTML and Javascript editing in Eclipse.

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This Eclipse plugin is useful: http://www.aptana.com/products/studio2

Simon Mac Donald http://hi.im/simonmacdonald

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