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I'm using Facebook Graph API Explorer to do some debugging. In the admin interface of my application I want to provide a quick link that will open up the Graph Explorer with a Facebook object ID and an API token.

Something akin to:<object_id>&token=<token>&method=GET

I'm able to specify the path and the method parameters. Those input fields get properly populated on the page. However, I'm having trouble with token parameter. I tried "token" and "access_token", neither seems to populate the access_token input field. It just uses the default token.

Is there away to specify an API token as a parameter to this URL? Copy/Pasting it into the field every time is a pain.

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From my knowledge, there is no way to add an access_token via the url for the explorer. One of the main points of the explorer is so you can look at endpoints without building a process to request a token.

If you're looking to see if a call works with your access_token, debug it and see if it has the permissions need. Or just simply build the call in your browser, its the same thing.

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access_token is the param name you should use

If you replace the values and put it directly in a browser tab, it should work


But make sure that you pass an valid access token with the url

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