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I am using Titanium Appcelerator in order to implement C2DM on Android. After looking at many answers in their forums and in Stackoverflow, I found a guide that walked me through compiling and incorporating a module(titanium-c2dm from GitHub) into my program. I was able to compile and link everything properly, but in an attempt to register per the sample code

c2dm.registerC2dm(senderId, {
        //stuff here
        //stuff here
    callback:function(e) // called when a push notification is received
        //stuff here

I get the following error on my device (from adb logcat):

I/TiAPI   ( 2731): Registering...
D/C2dmModule( 2731): (KrollRuntimeThread) [196,687] registerC2dm called
D/C2dmModule( 2731): (KrollRuntimeThread) [1,688] get registrationId property
W/ActivityManager(  127): Unable to start service Intent
                          cat=[com.vivas.c2dmtest] cmp=com.vivas.c2dmtest/com.findlaw.c2dm.C2DMReceiver (has extras) }: not found

Does anybody have any idea how to incorporate this into my project? Any help would be appreciated

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Can you share how you got it to compile? When I try to build with ant, it gives me a build error where it apparently can't find gpref? –  Colin DeClue Jul 6 '12 at 18:56

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this worked for me:

change in your tiapp.xml and timodule.xml

<service android:name=".C2DMReceiver"/>


<service android:name="com.findlaw.c2dm.C2DMReceiver"/>
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Thanks for your response, this seems to have done the trick. I received a successful registration with a valid registrationID! –  avivas Apr 20 '12 at 13:50

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