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I'm doing a newsletter design and there's a text with a phone number. In many email clients it looks as supposed to but in Gmail it turns the numbers string into a tel:// link to call with gmail's built in diales.

The problem is that the original text was in white and now that Gmail turned it into a link is a darkish blue which completely ruins the design.

Is there a way to avoid gmail to convert it into a phone link or to specify which color it will turn into?

I thought of placing a 123456 so it's already a link, but people reading the email in email clients which doesn't support tel:// links wil be mislead.

Any ideas?


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I think it's actually Skype that makes those tel:// links and not gmail. –  Khôi Apr 4 '12 at 20:40
no, it's gmail. when I click the link it pop ups gmail built in dialer –  Juan Apr 4 '12 at 20:49

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I solved it!:

I did a 123456 to the exact same "selection" of string gmail was replacing with link and no href is being added, lost the call functionality though

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If you're sending the email as html, you should be able to specify css rules to change link colors. Also, you might try putting the phone number in a < pre > tag.

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