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I´m trying to know if '5.03529 -754368' is within the polygon, can you help me, how can I do that?

I see that the two fields have different formats, how can I fix this?

select within ('5.03529 -754368',PyPolygon) from manuelitapolygon

PyPolygon = 'POLYGON((5.035247876391217 -75.43594128570524,5.035158505114919 -75.43594598760016,5.03507011299693 -75.43596004176999,5.034983668480416 -75.43598329423428,5.0349001186705165 -75.43601549023417,5.034820378957751 -75.43605627702355,5.034745322988647 -75.436105207733864))'

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See Spatial Extensions.

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Muchas gracias, señor Joey, Ahora Tengo Este select PyNombre,contains (PyPolygon, GeomFromText('Point(8.30941 -73.6010)')) from manuelitapolygon but if I have lat and long, how can I do that 'point(lat long)' don't work –  cariberecord Apr 10 '12 at 14:44

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