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I'm using a TImage component to load some png images, but some of them have the .imp extension. I add the Vcl.Imaging.pngimage unit to my code and I'm using this code to load the images

 if OpenDialog1.Execute then

But when the LoadFromFile procedure is executed a exception is raised

Unknown picture file extension (.imp)

these images (.imp) are png files generated by an extenal app and are located in a read-only folder, so rename these files is not a option, the question is How I can load a Png image in a TImage component from a file which have another extension?

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load it to a stream and then load the image from that –  Tony Hopkinson Apr 4 '12 at 21:49

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you must register the file format first using the TPicture.RegisterFileFormat method

Try this

TPicture.RegisterFileFormat('imp','imp (png) image file',TPngImage);
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