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I have a tiny (rikiki) problem in SWT ...

I am making a small class extending org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite and which is supposed to be nested in an RCP app ...

In this small class I have widgets which are supposed to react to mouse or keyboard event


I need to use modifier keys (Shift/Ctrl/Alt/...) to alter my coponents behaviours when I click them or send them keyboard event ...

The probleme is that I cannot just listen for mod-key striking because my user can strike it out from my component and then click it...

I cannot use a display filter to avoid disturbing the shell that nests my component.(but may be it will be my last solution in case there is no other solution)

I cannot make a transparent component that reads and dispatch events to all of my components because it would, at the most, be as large as my component and wont get mod-key strikes from the shell out my component (or even out from the shell) ...

Do anyone have any idea?

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Oh found something about State Masks ... i'll search more about that ^^ –  Ar3s Jun 16 '09 at 15:33

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More or less it is like

myComponent.add<Any>Listener(new <Appropriate>Listener(){
    public void <AppropriateMethod>(like KeyPress)>(<Appropriate>Event e) {
        int stateMask=e.stateMask;
        if((stateMask & SWT.ALT)==SWT.ALT){
        if((stateMask & SWT.CTRL)==SWT.CTRL){
        if((stateMask & SWT.SHIFT)==SWT.SHIFT){

Hope it helps ...

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Try something along these lines to capture all keys and save them for later:

	Display.getDefault().addFilter( SWT.KeyDown, new Listener() {

		public void handleEvent( Event passedEvent ) {
			//Listen for and store as static var last pressed keycode
			System.out.println( "Key Event: " + passedEvent );
	} );
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Yes but it captures all the key press, even the un-necessary ones ... My State-Mask method (getting de modifier key pressed when you trigger another event) is much simpler ^^ (in my case at least) –  Ar3s Jun 24 '09 at 8:44
For completeness could you post your method/solution to this question as well? Thanks –  fisherja Jun 24 '09 at 16:01

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