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// result is a JSON data passed to this function from outside
var result = getMyJSON();
var input = "{aaData: ["+result+"],"+'aoColumns':[
    { 'sTitle': 'Title', 'mDataProp': 'title' }]}";

$(document).ready(function() {

<table id='example' class='example' border='1'>

I know that .dataTable() function expects initialization object as specified here: http://datatables.net/ref#aaData If inside the dataTable function I manually paste the JSON data - then it displays everything fine. How can I "prepare" and pass in as an initialization object to dataTables() function? Right now this is not working as it should.


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I am not sure why you are building your input var as a string - it is an object. Try this instead

var input = {
    "aaData" : [result],
    "aoColumns" : [{
        "sTitle" : "Title"
    }, {
        "mDataProp" : "title"
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What if I don't want to specify aoColumns attribute. I want to prepare my table's header with few conditions. So I cannot go with it. Will that allow to give a proper table? –  Sriram Oct 29 '12 at 14:06

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