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I have a form all setup to upload a file and that is working fine. However the way my form is submitted is through AJAX. The button that submits is still a type="submit" in case JS is off.

When I save my form the controller determines whether the IsAjaxRequest is true and if so returns some JSON otherwise it does a RedirectToAction.

When I don't specify a filepath in my input type="file" it considers IsAjaxRequest as true. If there is a filepath set then it thinks that IsAjaxRequest is false. How is it determining that?

My other problem is that when it thinks IsAjaxRequest is false and does a RedirectToAction("Index") I don't actually get sent to the Index view.


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Maybe the problem is not in the IsAjaxRequest()? - it simply looks for ["X-Requested-With"] == "XMLHttpRequest" in the incoming Request. Look at Mvc\AjaxRequestExtensions.cs:

public static class AjaxRequestExtensions {
    public static bool IsAjaxRequest(this HttpRequestBase request) {
        if (request == null) {
            throw new ArgumentNullException("request");

        return (request["X-Requested-With"] == "XMLHttpRequest")
            || ((request.Headers != null)
                && (request.Headers["X-Requested-With"] == "XMLHttpRequest"));
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How if the filepath is set is the request somehow not appending with X-Requested-With? I think itmight be something to do with the AJAX I am using –  Jon Jun 16 '09 at 15:18

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