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I am attempting perform what I think would be a simple task. Convert an SVG to PDF.

The only stipulation is that the converter needs to use the device-color() values or the icc-color() values specified in the SVG.

I have searched and searched for solutions with no luck. The solutions I have found will convert using the sRGB values of the SVG and not the cmyk values.

I have looked into Batik, Inkscape, Scribus, IText, and Cairo.

Update **

altSoft XML2PDF looks promising. Their tech support has been good and they say their new release has this feature. We will see.

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I finally got this working with a commercial solution with altsoft XML2PDF. We worked with their dev team and got this functionality integrated with a number of other features as well


Thanks to Evgeny and the team at alt-soft.com

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Hi Brett. I was looking for a solution for this as well but I'd definitely prefer a Java solution. Did you ever get anywhere with Batik or try adding the feature since it's open source? I see that FOP supports CMYK and there's also a color branch of Batik. I'm about to try these out. –  jon_wu Apr 14 at 18:20
I didn't. I ended up just paying for this software because I was spinning my wheels and the cost was worth it. They provided excellent support for their product and even added custom features for us. –  Brett Allred Apr 19 at 17:56
Thanks for the response! Good to know. For anybody else who comes across this, I did have luck with Batik's branch and I tested with both device-cmyk and icc-named-color to add both uncalibrated CMYK colors and named spot colors into a PDF by including these additional colors in the SVG. –  jon_wu May 7 at 23:51
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