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what i need to do is to execute an SQL query:

wstring query = ( L "INSERT INTO database...........;

then i execute this:

CHECK( SQLExecDirectA( hStmt, query, SQL_NTS ), "execute query" );

but it doesn't compile, because the variable query must be an SQLCHAR otherwise function SQLExecDirectA wont work.

can anyone help please?


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Do you have to use wstring instead of string? – Éric Malenfant Apr 4 '12 at 23:09
Besides the answer from David Feurle, you have to remember that std::wstring (or std::string) can not be converted directly to wchar_t * (or char *). You have to use e.g. query.c_str() to get a character pointer. – Joachim Pileborg Apr 5 '12 at 6:05
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The function you are trying to call is called SQLExecDirect. (Nearly) all the functions in the winapi exist in two version - a ascii version and a wide version. Depending on your project settings (Multibyte character set/Unicode) SQLExecDirect is a define to either SQLExecDirectA or SQLExecDirectW (with SQLExecDirectA beeing the ascci version and SQLExecDirectW beeing the wide version).

The SQLExecDirectA means your are explicitely calling the ascii version with a wide string as parameter. Try calling SQLExecDirectW or SQLExecDirect if you want to use wide strings.

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