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I have so far made a simple Twitter API program that will loop through your Followers and grab all of them. It get's them by their ID's. How do I get their screen_name?

I know I have to do something with users/lookup with user_id as one of the parameters.

I have noticed what I think is my issue.

The JSON code that I am trying to get to goes something like this.

  "screen_name": "twitter"

I am new with to JSON and have only done it like (below.)

  "screen_name": "twitter"

With the Lookup Function ( it starts with the "[".

I was thinking I would have to do something like.

$LookUp_JSON->[1]->screen_name which would then print "twitter" but it's obviously not.

Many thanks in advanced.

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Check out the Twitter API console ( )

.. and hack it a little bit because its undocumented from the console standpoint.

Go to users/show where you'll see this{screen_name}

change it to this{id}

I.E for the ID of @TwitterAPI (6253282) this call

will get you this:

  "id": 6253282,
  "id_str": "6253282",
  "name": "Twitter API",
  "screen_name": "twitterapi",
  "location": "San Francisco, CA",
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