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I have a DB that I am using to do multiple searches and returning the ID of each row that matches my query. I am putting those results into an array to be used later on in my script. I do not want to do a huge amount of queries as this will put an unnecessary burden on the DB. Thus the reason why I put all the queries into two arrays (one with the ID, the other with the ID that matches my query).

I am then taking each matching array set that matches my needed ID and using the other array to tell me which ID's match that ID (IE. sql search for matches to my query with ID 1 -> ID 4, ID 5, ID 6, etc...)

I am then taking those matches and seeing who they match to (IE: ID 5 -> ID 1, ID 7, ID 8). From this point I dont really have an issue. The complexity comes when I am looking for the match that matches the match that matches the first match and so on and so forth for about 5 depths.

I have setup a foreach loop going through each stage using the all the matches to the first query pushing them through, seeing who they are looking for, seeing who they are looking for, seeing who they are looking for to see if its a match me, but not necessarily a match that I want. I am able to iterate through the entire list, but it is putting a MASSIVE strain on my server.

The searches can get so huge that it can be looking in the queries and find nothing but take over a minute to complete.

Is there a better way of going about this?

This is an exerpt of my code. I cannot share all of it.

foreach($diff_result as $value){
$results = search_results($value);
foreach($results as $v_n){
    if($v_n != $ID || $v_n != $value){
        $v_nl = $v_n;
    $results_1 = search_results($v_nl);
    $results_1 = array_diff($results_1, $int);
        foreach($results_1 as $v_n_1){
            if($v_n_1 != $ID || $v_nl != $v_n_1){
                $v_nl_1 = $v_n_1;
            if($v_n_1 == $ID){
                $x_2_match .= "You want $value who wants $v_nl who wants you ($ID)!<br>";
                if($count_1 == 10){
                        break 3;
            $results_2 = search_results($v_nl_1);
            $results_2 = array_diff($results_2, $int);
            unset($results_2[array_search($v_n_1, $results_2)]);
            foreach($results_2 as $v_n_2){
                if($v_n_2 != $ID || $v_nl_1 != $v_n_2){
                    $v_nl_2 = $v_n_2;
                if($v_n_2 == $ID && $v_nl != $v_nl_1 && $value != $v_nl_1 && $v_nl_1){
                    $x_3_match .= "You want $value who wants $v_nl who wants $v_nl_1 who wants you ($ID)!<br>";
                    if($count_2 == 10){
                        break 4;

I am self taught in PHP and may be missing something simple. Any and all help or advice would be greatly appreciated! If it looks like what I am doing is completely wrong, please let me know a better way of going about it :)

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Can't help you on this, but one advise if I may, give your variables useful names... – SiGanteng Apr 5 '12 at 1:29
They are useful to me. They carry meaning with what I am doing. Thanks though. – SireJoe Apr 5 '12 at 4:27

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