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I have a scenario where I want to toggle series based on checkbox selection. I have added the checkbox to the legend using labelFormatting in legend option like:

     var otherOptions = {
                           legend: {
                                     container: legend,
                                     labelFormatter: function (label, series) {
                                        var cb = '<input type="checkbox" name="' + label + '" checked="checked" id="id' + label + '"> ' + label;
                                        return cb;

And I have added the click event for the legend so that I can manipulate the series based on checked items. It all works fine except when I uncheck a label in legend, on re-draw it removes that series line from the legend as well. So for ex., below is the before and after image:





Notice that in after image "USA" checkbox is missing. Is there any way I can still show the unchecked "USA" checkbox in legend?

I looked at the suggestion here: flot graph, use legend to turn on/off series

But the only problem is that I don't want to have legend AND checkbox legend separate. The question on the given link was answered 1+ year ago so I thought I am gonna take a chance and ask the question again in case someone knows a way to do this.

Please let me know.


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Instead of removing the series all together if the checkbox is unchecked, add it with empty data.

Something like this:

function plotByChoice(doAll)
  $('#legend .legendCB').each(
     if (this.checked)
       data.push({label: someLabel, data: []})

 // plot call etc...

Working fiddle is here.

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Worked beautifully. Thank you so much Mark! – test123 Apr 5 '12 at 21:22

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