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I normally use a dirty method to get my Facebook Graph API token key in applications that fetches facebook data. I download the Graph API example page at graph dot facebook dot com then I locate the token key in the page. (The account is already connected)

Now, I need to program (for someone else) a commercial application that uses Graph API and I'm afraid such an hacky way could become non-functional if Facebook website changes.

Is there a static URL more common than the example page where the Graph API token_key resides, or do you think my method will be safe for a long time?


Just to comment my question, and the answer to my question:

I was trying to build a desktop application fetching data on Facebook using only Graph Explorer and the Graph API example page instead of doing the web request in the answer. I didn't want to have a desktop application that depends on a Facebook App so that's why I was always asking the user to connect via two text boxes (which is against Facebook t&c) then I was downloading the Graph API examples page to get the proper token.

But Graph Explorer and its examples are using a 'Facebook App' too. So it's not clear if the access_token are going to be valid for a long time or not: It's not a good practice.

The answer is: Redirecting a user to an authentification page then fetching an access token is safer, easy to handle and a lot more stable than connecting a user via text boxes and several WebBrowsers navigation.

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Have you looked at the FacebookC# SDK. This link may be of some assistance – cecilphillip Apr 5 '12 at 4:07
But the token_key I get when I surf on the example page must come from somewhere? I would prefer not to overhead my program with an SDK or external DLL. I want to deliver an all in one. – Léon Pelletier Apr 5 '12 at 13:45
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You can get an application access token to query public data on Facebook from this URL:{yourappid}&client_secret={yourappscret}

You need to create an application on Facebook and pass it's ID and secret key.

More information on:

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