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How do I loop through a clone list using jquery?

     <ul id=testList>
          <li><p> Test A </p></li>
          <li><p> Test B </p></li>
          <li><p> Test C </p></li>
          <li><p> Test D </p></li>
          <li><p> Test E </p></li>

jquery code...

         var $cloneList = $("#testList").clone();


The problem is the output of the alert method displays the content of the list:

             <p> Test A </p>

What I need is the display of the ul list like this

            <li><p> Test A </p></li>
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works for me hmmm – COLD TOLD Apr 5 '12 at 1:20

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Well what you're trying to iterate is a list of li elements. Each of which contains some html ("<p>text</p>").

The quickest way is to use outerHTML given the scenario you described:


However it might be prudent to post a larger scope of the problem since it appears that perhaps the result of .clone() is not exactly what you're wanting to work with.

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I'm sending the clone list through an ajax call to the server. – Joseph Walker Apr 5 '12 at 1:26

There's no direct way to print an element along with its own tag in jQuery, what you can do is to intermediately wrap an element in a div and print the innerHtml of it:

$clonseList.each(function() {
   alert(this.outerHTML || $('<div />').append($(this).clone()).html());

The above won't modify the DOM since we never append the extra <div> to the document.

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