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Selenium IDE - When running the script I am getting error for the radio button in selenium IDE. In my script, it’s required to select radio button (selecting dates) but its error message “[error] Element id=radio250 not found”. it stops the execution here. even if i use another date, it still stops on the same point. How to change the value in dynamic ?

I am new in the testing industry and would appreciate any help on this one. I know it has something to do with xpath but I don’t know how to use it ;)

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You can use below alternative to locate radio button

//input[@name='name_attribute' and @value='value_attribute']

OR by xpath

xpath=(//*[@class="name of the class"])

Or if your page is not fully loaded then also you will face same problem - element not found. If such situation is there put pause command before execution of command for radio button

Or provide the HTML of the element you are trying to locate

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Thanks for your reply rohit, xpath solved the problem. i am new so didnt knew much about xpath. firebug and firepath addons solved the problem and gave me understanding as well. Thanks again. – Saurabh Mathur Apr 10 '12 at 0:36
@saurabh - as solution works..i think you should accept answer ;) – Rohit Ware Apr 10 '12 at 5:28

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