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I followed this tutorial Integrating Google Analytics with Wufoo but I can't get it to work, it says

"All we need to do is include a small javascript file that will parse our google analytics >cookie and pass it to wufoo using url modification."

My question is where I will put the jquery script? I am no expert with javascript and jquery and I am seeking your help on how to implement this. The original author of this tutorial is no longer active and wufoo forum is offline at this moment.

TIA Patrick

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Once you have created the .js file, name it whatever you want, lets say wufoo-ga.js and put it on your server in the folder that holds your web site. You probably have a folder somewhere called js or scripts. It would be best to put it there. In this example lets say you put the file in mywebsitefolder/js. You then need to put the following code into the html of the page you want to use:

<script src="js/wufoo-ga.js"></script>

This will call the script that you created and put in the js folder

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