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I have a table in MYSQL with a column called league.

When I try to sort the values using this query I cant get it to sort correctly.

FROM teams t
GROUP BY t.league
ORDER BY t.league ASC 

However with this I get:


it looks like it sorts all of them correctly except the last two

Any ideas?


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Yes, the column must be of a string type and 5 comes AFTER 11. You might consider changing those fields (which seem to be multivaluated) into 2 separate numeric fields (or even 3 if that a value makes any difference)

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No, they are sorted lexicographically rather than numerically:

5a7        # 5 is greater than 1

If you want to sort them numerically, you can use things like:

order by (t.league + 0)
order by cast (t.league, int)

but I'm not sure how they'll handle the non-numerics in the field. You may want to look into using the lpad function:

order by lpad (t.league, 20, '0')

which will pad the field to a specific size by prefixing it with 0 characters.

Just keep in mind that per-row functions rarely scale well so, if you want to maintain performance as the table grows in size, you may want to do something like split the column into components, making the numeric ones non-text. Depending on your specific circumstances, that may or may not work.

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So how can this be sorted based on the "leading integer" in said string? Or how could the data be adjusted to allow this? –  user166390 Apr 5 '12 at 2:23
You can use the ABS() function to order numerically, but that wont work if the data has characters inside it. –  Hunter McMillen Apr 5 '12 at 2:25

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