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I am porting a Linux (2.6.37) driver between bus standards (PLB -> AXI) to be precise for a Xilinx FPGA-SoC. The device driver is compiled inline in the tree. I have a few questions that I am sure you guys can help me.

  1. What listing in the Linux kernel tree, allows a device to print the device_init_ string on dmesg ? What file is required for the listing ?
  2. Normally when a device driver is compiled outside the tree, the extension used (normally) is *.ko, is this the case when the device driver is compiled within the tree and merged using "make modules" ?

EDITS for Clarity

Suppose you have a device called "foo", that has to be compiled within the tree. I am observing that "foo" is printing dmesg strings for PLB but not for AXI. I was intending to ask how the device gets added to 'init' ? Which file holds the entry for "foo" that tells init that "foo" has to be loaded ?

For larger sense, foo = xilinx_hwicap

Thanks RRS

P.S Thanks for your patience

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  1. printk(9) prints to the system message ring.

  2. All modules in 2.6+, regardless of location, end in ".ko".

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I think I need to update the question !!... thanks for the answer –  boffin Apr 5 '12 at 3:01

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