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I'm trying to use ActiveMQPrefetchPolicy but cannot quite understand how to use it.

I'm using queue, there are 3 params that I can define for PrefetchPolicy:

queuePrefetch, queueBrowserPrefetch, inputStreamPrefetch

Actually I don't get the meaning of queueBrowserPrefetch and inputStreamPrefetch so I do not know how to use it.

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I assume that you have seen the ActiveMQ page on prefetch limits.

  • queueBrowserPrefetch sets the maximum number of messages sent to a
    ActiveMQQueueBrowser until acks are received.
  • inputStreamPrefetch sets the maximum number of messages sent
    through a jms-stream until acks are received

Both queue-browser and jms-stream are specialized consumers. You can read more about each one of them but if you are not using them it won't matter what you assign to their prefetch limits.

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This helps. Now I understand both of them are specialized consumers.Interestingly they are documented in the ActiveMQ site or hard to find it. Anyway thanks a lot. – Huawei Apr 6 '12 at 1:36

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