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How do I do constructor injection when I'm manually initializing the class?

public class ApiKeyHandler : DelegatingHandler
    private IApiService apiService;

    public ApiKeyHandler(IApiService apiService)
        this.apiService = apiService;


var apiKey = new ApiKeyHandler(/*inject here */);

How do I accomplish this? My bindings and everything is already setup.

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You want to do something like this:

var apiKey = new ApiKeyHandler(kernel.Get<IApiService>());

However, why not inject the ApiKeyHandler itself?

var apiKey = kernel.Get<ApiKeyHandler>();

Here is an article about Ninject:

You basically want to set this up at the beginning of your code and have it available globally:

public IKernel kernel  = new StandardKernel();


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how do find the kernel object? –  Shawn Mclean Apr 5 '12 at 3:53
@Lolcoder I gave a little bit more of an example below my original answer, however I think you might want to check out some other tutorials to get a stronger understanding. –  Justin Pihony Apr 5 '12 at 4:00

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