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I have a function GrantGenericRead that works when I create an object $ouUnixGroups in the same run. I'm trying to figure out how to get an object out of AD that I can run GrantGenericRead on, but it seems when I try this every way I know how (adsi, lookup using .Path), I can't access some property of the object to set it. I would love for someone to tell me what I'm doing wrong.

This code works when it's all run at the same time:

function CreateADGroup([string] $server, [string] $name, [string] $container, [string] $gtype)
    $objClass = "group";
    $strCn = GetCn -name $name -objClass $objClass;
    $objDsGroup  = CreateDsObject -server $server -container $container -name $name -objClass $objClass 
    [Void] $objDsGroup.Put("sAMAccountName", $name)
    if ($gtype -eq "global")
        # Global Distribution Group 
        [Void] $objDsGroup.Put("groupType", 0x80000002)
    elseif ($gtype -eq "dlg")
        # Domain Local Distribution Group  
        [Void] $objDsGroup.Put("groupType", 0x80000004)
    elseif ($gtype -eq "uni")
        # Universal Security Group 
        [Void] $objDsGroup.Put("groupType", 0x80000008)
        Write-Host("Invalid group type {0}" -f $gtype)
    return $objDsGroup

function CreateDsObject([string] $server, [string] $container, [string] $name, [string] $objClass)
$strConatinerPath = GetLdapPath -server $server -dn $container
$objContainer = [adsi] $strConatinerPath
$strChildCn = GetCn -name $name -objClass $objClass
$strChildDn = "{0},{1}" -f $strChildCn, $container
$strChildPath = GetLdapPath -server $server -dn $strChildDn
$objChildEntry = $objContainer.Create($objClass, $strChildCn)
    return $objChildEntry

function GrantGenericRead($dsTrustee, $dsResources)
    $strSid = GetSid -dsObj $dsTrustee
    $objSid = New-Object Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier($strSid)
    $ace = New-Object DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectoryAccessRule($objSid, $AD_RIGHT::GenericRead, $AC_TYPE::Allow)
    [Void] $dsResources.psbase.ObjectSecurity.AddAccessRule($ace)
    [Void] $dsResources.psbase.CommitChanges()

function GetSid($dsObj)
    $dn = $dsObj.distinguishedName.Value
    $binary = $dsObj.psbase.Properties["objectSid"].Value
    $sid = New-Object Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier($binary, 0)
    return $sid.ToString()

$adminContainerDn = "OU=Zone Administration,{0}" -f   $adminContainer.Get("distinguishedName") #returns OU=Zone Administration,OU=asdfasdf,DC=baldur,DC=vm
$ouUnixGroups   = CreateDsObject -server $server -container $ouDN -name $strOuUnixGroups   -objClass "OrganizationalUnit"
$joinOps = CreateADGroup -server $server -name "Join Operators" -container $adminContainerDn -gtype "global"

GrantGenericRead -dsTrustee $joinOps -dsResources $ouUnixGroups

What I'm trying to accomplish is being able to modify $joinOps and $ouUnixGroups from scripts that don't create them. How do I access them? I can get the sid, but that doesn't seem to help me, unless I'm missing something really key here.

GrantGenericRead -dsTrustee $joinOps -dsResources [adsi]$ouUnixGroups.Path

I'm pulling some of these lines out of an installer script that I have posted on http://pastebin.com/uF3nrDuw if anyone would like to have a look. u

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1 Answer

You can just try :

GrantGenericRead -dsTrustee [adsi]"cn=Agroup,ou=AnOU,dc=dompn,dc=domp0" -dsResources [adsi]"ou=theUnixOU,ou=AnOtherOU,dc=dompn,dc=domp0"
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I'm afraid I tried that –  matt Apr 5 '12 at 12:57
I'm afraid I tried that PS C:\Windows\system32> GrantGenericRead -dsTrustee [adsi]$joinOps.Path -dsResources [adsi]$ouUnixGroups.Path Cannot index into a null array. At line:4 char:40 + $binary = $dsObj.psbase.Properties[ <<<< "objectSid"].Value + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (objectSid:String) [], Runtime Exception + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NullArray It appears to fall down here, in the getSid method: [adsi]$ouUnixGroups.Path.psbase.objectsecurity.AddAccess Rule($ace) –  matt Apr 5 '12 at 13:21
First to be sure to understand, the code you provide here works to create a group and an OU, you just want to use GrantGenericRead aginst existing objects ? Have you tried first to hard code DN strings of the existing objects ? –  JPBlanc Apr 5 '12 at 13:47
It works if I have the object in memory, as in if I create the group and the OU during this run. If I try it say, from the command line later. It doesn't work. I've tried hard coding the DN strings, and using adsi to look them up then storing them, still no dice. I don't get what I'm losing when I call the object from AD vs create it. –  matt Apr 5 '12 at 20:42
[Void] $dsResources.psbase.ObjectSecurity.AddAccessRule($ace) That is the line it bails on, from the grantGenericRead method. –  matt Apr 5 '12 at 20:42
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