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I am working on a homework assignment that a user will input a grade percentage and it will output a letter grade. My issue is that I would like to restrict the user to only the number keys and a decimal point. If the user inputs anything else they will be prompted with an error message and will have a chance to input again. Here is my code that will work without the decimal, but I need the int to be float. Please help! Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!!

    def percentLoop()
    while True:
    a = input('Enter a percent: ')
        number = int(a)
        if (0< number <= 100):
            return number
            print ('Enter a percent between 0 and 100.')
        print ('Please enter a percent between 0 and 100.')

Thanks for looking at what I have.

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See [this][1] for checking that the input is of a desired type. [1]:… – Greg Apr 5 '12 at 4:43

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I haven't done python for ages, but is it just a matter of changing number = int(a) to number= float(a) ?

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Unfortunately it is not working in the code above.The link that Greg posted above has gotten me very close.I am now having trouble making it complete the loop. – billabrian6 Apr 5 '12 at 13:49

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