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I am using Selenium 1.7.2 on Firefox 11 running on Ubuntu 11.10. Until yesterday, we didn't use the document.domain javascript. We needed to add it to our generated HTML and in one of our javascript file. Now when we run Selenium IDE Test Suite, we get the following error:

Error: Permission denied for <> to get property Location.href is our application server (Glassfish 3.1.2 behind Apache+mod_jk)

If I comment out document.domain everything works well (at least in Firefox, because the document.domain is to prevent IE to block script... sigh )

I tried adding a user extension script found here:

function setdom(str,doc,dom) {
  doc.domain = dom;

Selenium.prototype.doDocumentDomain = function(domain) {
  var lw;
  setdom('ts',frames['testSuiteFrame'].document, domain);
  setdom('tf', getTestFrame().contentWindow.document, domain);
  setdom('my', frames['myiframe'].document, domain);

  lw = LOG.getLogWindow();
  if (lw) {
    setdom('log', lw.document, domain);
  setdom('doc', document, domain);

but this looks pretty old and probably not compatible any more. It returns an error at the first call to the setdom('ts',frames['testSuiteFrame'].document,domain); line

I am not browsing back and forth between HTTP and HTTPS, I have read many StackOverflow and Google Group related questions, to no result.

I can modify our codes to include document.domain only for IE but it is not very clean...

Question: How to make Selenium IDE working without security issue when document.domain is set? Or how can I fix he above user extension to work in Selenium IDE 1.7.2? Thank you.

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So I decided to change Selenium javascript to allow me to set the document.domain using this:

In `chrome/content/selenium-core/scripts/selenium-browserbot.js on line 920 (for version 1.7.2):

    //Samit: Fix: open command sometimes fails if current url is chrome and new is not
    windowObject = core.firefox.unwrap(windowObject);
    // -------------- Start My Change ----------------
    // -------------- End My Change ----------------
    if (this._windowClosed(windowObject)) {
        LOG.debug("pollForLoad WINDOW CLOSED (" + marker + ")");
        delete this.pollingForLoad[marker];

Then in user-extensions.js:

var validDomain = null;

Selenium.prototype.doDocumentDomain = function(domain) {
  validDomain = domain;

function updateDomain(doc) {
  if(validDomain==null) {
    }"Current domain: " + doc.domain);
  if(doc.domain != validDomain && (doc.domain+"").indexOf(validDomain)>0 ) {
    doc.domain = validDomain;
    }"New domain: " + doc.domain);

I check prior to setting the new domain that it is a subdomain of the one I want to set. I use it in Selenium IDE:

documentDomain |

So when it opens and, it finds in the domain and replace the domain.

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