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What would be the advantages/disadvantages of including Google maps in an android app, using the actual Android Google maps api as opposed to using the JavaScript Google maps api inside a WebView ?

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MapView inside Activty: I think this is the best option, considering all of the classes you have access to (ItemizedOverlay,Overlay,OverlayItem). It provides a great framework to use with MapActivity. If you're using a full screen map, or a large map, or are doing things with more than 10 or so waypoints, I would use a mapview.

Javascript MapView - I would use this for a smaller-sized map (quarter screen) or anything with one or two waypoints. Keep in mind this is a lighter-weight wrapper over MapView, so heavy processing for multiple overlays may take longer, because you'll have to re-execute your JS code and refresh the WebView.

Overall, IMHO, I would use a MapView inside of a MapActivity because it provides a beefier interface, as well as access to some of the better classes.

Good luck!

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What extra features does the the Java Android Google Map libraries have that are lacking in the Google Maps JavaScript API (V3) ? –  kmb64 Jun 29 '12 at 5:11
From what I understand, javascript provides no way to use ItemizedOverlay,OverlayItem, or Overlay itself. They do have their own class called Marker. On the other hand, the JS interface allows you to change markers based on zoom level, as well as many other features like databases. Here is a link that gives some tips on how to make the Javascript map work for you: developers.google.com/maps/articles However, I am using threads to continuously update the position of my markers as well as rotate the map. Using a WebView map simply wouldn't hold up to these requirements. –  crocboy Jun 29 '12 at 13:19

There is a realated thread here the aim of this one is to found which one correspond best to my needs for my next app. I have started to analyse some of the basic features of javascript v3 and android v2.

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