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I want to assign the value obtained from the concatenation of these two variables with a string.

{assign var="url" value="{$WS_PATH}aircraft_images/{$images[i].image}"}

Please let me know how can we do this in smarty.

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One of these should work:

{assign var="url" value=$WS_PATH|cat:"aircraft_images/"|cat:$images[i].image}


{assign var="url" value="`$WS_PATH`aircraft_images/`$images[i].image`"}

I am not sure if the $images[i].image will be parsed correctly, you may have to {assign} it to another variable first

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first one worked perfectly –  shwet dalal May 30 at 7:42
Second one is way easier to read and worked (first one didn't) –  user1429980 Sep 19 at 20:34

You've used assign properly.

A simplified example could look like this:


$tpl = new Smarty;


{assign var="url" value="{$var1} - and - {$var2}"}

...will result to the output:

Hello - and - World
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