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I am task to use DevPartner Studio Professional Edition Release 10.5.3. I am trying to verify if there is really no way to do Coverage for a Windows Service Application for this?

Basically the Coverage tools executes a process within itself. Can the process still be coveraged within the scope of the Windows Service?

The Windows Service I would like to coverage is on code using Visual Basic .NET 2008

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You can use OpenCover to get CodeCoverage results of a service. Other commercial tools such as NCover should also work. –  Shaun Wilde Apr 6 '12 at 22:48

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In the document "Understanding DevPartner.PDF", which you can access from DPS's "InfoCenter" application, there is a topic "Starting Analysis from the Command Line". With the instructions found there it is possible to collect performance data from a service. That said, I've not done it myself, as almost my entire focus on the product has been on the BoundsChecker (Error Detection) component.

Drop us a line at our product forum at http://community.microfocus.com/, and more of our group will be able to chime in on this topic.

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