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I'm using Drupal7. When i'm adding a new term in a taxonomy vocabulary getting the following error.

"Entity Malformed excetion : Missing bundle property on entity of type entity_extract_ids()(line 7409 of /home/clutch2/sitename/html/drupal/includes/"

And when i'm viewing the list of terms in the taxonomy vocabulary in which i attempted to

add a new one, that showing the term which i added. What i have to do to get rid out of

this error message ?Can Anyone help me in this?

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This problem can be caused by the several reason, depending which modules are you using.


Taxonomy Orphanage module should help you with removing orphaned taxonomy term references from entities as currently this is not fixed yet in the Drupal 7.x core. If this won't work, try Field reference delete module.

You can also track the problem manually. Here is sql query which I've used to track the invalid references:

drush sqlq "SELECT nid, title from node WHERE nid IN (select entity_id from  field_data_field_some_ref WHERE field_some_ref_tid not IN (select tid from taxonomy_term_data));"

Where field_data_field_some_ref is data field of field_some_ref which is type of 'Term reference'.

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Thank you Kenorb.Will try this module.Hope it will work. – Pretty Apr 18 '13 at 11:56
When using taxonomy_orphanage on a multilingual site, make sure to install this patch: - otherwise it will fail to remove the obsolete references. Usage with drush: drush tor – cjoy Jan 13 '15 at 22:45

Apparently it's a Drupal 7.8 Update Issue, you can find how to fix it here and here

Hope that helps.

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