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ROT-13 function in java?

I have to shift all char from a string 13 places in the alphabet

private static String encode(String line) {
    char[] toEncode = line.toCharArray();
    for (int i = 0; i < toEncode.length; i++) {
        if (Character.isLetter(toEncode[i])) {
            toEncode[i] += 13;
    line = String.valueOf(toEncode);
    return line;

The Problem is that for example 'z' get to a ?. How can I solve that?

Thx for help.

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It is because next chars after 'z' is punctuation chars and so on. You can shift so that 'z' will be 'n' for example.

toEncode[i] = (toEncode[i] + 13 - (int)'a') % 25 + (int)'a';
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ROT13 homework, eh? Here an example: http://introcs.cs.princeton.edu/java/31datatype/Rot13.java.html

Now your quest is to actually understand it, or else you may as well quit programming now.

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System.out.println(('z'+ (char)13)); //output -135
System.out.println((char)('z'+ (char)13)); //output - ?
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@ Chandra Sekhar : Thanks for the answer: Please add explanations and guiding instructions for 'homework' questions . –  Jayan Apr 6 '12 at 3:33

If the calculated char is greater than the last letter (z => 122 or Z => 90) just substract the value of the last letter from the calculated value. You find these numbers all over the internet, e.g. here.

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