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i have two columns in my sharepoint list

[Cluster Name] and [Host Name]

I wanted to implement a calculated sharepoint data for a [Cluster Name] column like if the field is blank it needs to have the first 3 characters from Hostname with an suffix of STANDALONE at end, can any one help me out on this, here's what i have till now, but when i try this it gives an error

=IF(ISBLANK([Cluster Name]),(UPPER(LEFT([Host Name],3))-STANDALONE),)

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The syntax for IF is

IF(TEST,True, False)

But in your formula you're missing the false part.

Also - STANDALONE is a string - but you don't have any quotes.

Finally you're trying to concatenate strings together using - but it should be an &


=IF(ISBLANK([Cluster Name]),(UPPER(LEFT([Host Name],3))-STANDALONE),)

should be

=IF(ISBLANK([Cluster Name]),UPPER(LEFT([Host Name],3)) & "STANDALONE",[Cluster Name])

Check out the MSDN Calculated field formula or this one or the Calculated Column Cheat Sheet for some examples and syntax.

(Disclaimer - the last one is a link to my companies website and requires an email registration to download the cheat sheet pdf)

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