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I was looking for a tweak to the cd command so that it recognizes spelling mistakes of directories and auto complete similar directory names.

Right now, I have settings that recognize the spelling mistakes of directory but does not auto complete them.

For directory spelling mistake correction I have this code in ~/.bashrc:

shopt -s cdspell

Now it works in the following manner, suppose I have a directory called "trash"

vickey@home:~$ cd tras
vickey@home:~/trash$ cd ..
vickey@home:~$ cd trasx
vickey@home:~/trash$ pwd

vickey@home:~$ cd Trash
vickey@home:~/trash$ pwd

But the problem I have is suppose I make a directory called Temp and do something like

vickey@home:~$ mkdir Temp
vickey@home:~$ cd temp
vickey@home:~/Temp$ cd ..
vickey@home:~$ cd te #and tab here
test/   textin/ 

it does not show Temp as an option. Is there anyway to make auto completion case insensitive?

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Completion is a feature of readline.

You can enable case insensitive completion either by:

1) Adding to your ~/.bashrc:

bind 'set completion-ignore-case on'


2) Adding to your /etc/inputrc:

set completion-ignore-case on


  • /etc/inputrc, as @mak comments, effects all shells that use readline, and not just bash.

  • This will make all completions case insensitive.

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inputrc is used by shells that make use of readline like bash, dash and zsh (as opposed to ksh, tcsh, etc.). If you want to affect the behaviour of all your shells (not only bash), you need to edit inputrc. You can also locally edit ~/.inputrc so you don't have to make changes in the global /etc/inputrc. .Otherwise, great answer! – mak May 25 '15 at 23:58
That is relevant. I'll edit it in, thanks. – ArjunShankar May 26 '15 at 6:50

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