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Currently at work I need to translate an old ASP-page to C# (asp.net). On the asp-page I came across the filter function and I was wondering if C# had an equivalent function for it?

b = Filter(servicePeriodsArray,CStr(Year(billingDate) & Month(billingDate)))

Yesterday I translated this into the following piece of code.

string lookup1 = billingDate.Year.ToString() + billingDate.Month.ToString();
          for (int k = 0; k < servicePeriodsArray.Length; k++)
              if (servicePeriodsArray[k].Contains(lookup1))
                   b[c] = servicePeriodsArray[k];

Since I'm a complete 'noob' in the old ASP language I was wondering if my translation is a correct one. If anyone of you guys know a equivalent function for C# for the ASP-function Filter, please let me know or if you guys could help me with the translation that would be awesome.

Kind Regards Kevin

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The is no native function called Filter in VBScript. So whilst you have two answers so far which are likely to be on the right path they a) return an IEnumerable which Filter is unlikely to actuall do (it will likely be returning an array) and b) there are too many unknowns, perhaps you should find the code for Filter and either convert that or post it here if you are having difficulty. –  AnthonyWJones Apr 6 '12 at 19:40

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Using the LINQ Where operator would be the simplest way.

string lookup1 = billingDate.Year.ToString() + billingDate.Month.ToString();
var b = servicePeriodsArray.Where(i => i.Contains(lookup1));
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b = servicePeriodsArray.Where(value = value.Contains(billingDate.Year.ToString() + billingDate.Month.ToString());
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