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I have the following Requirement:

Emp table have the following 3 columns,

Id , Name and programming

Id   Name   Programming 
-- ---- ---------------
1    Raju   Java,Plsql,sql 
2    Kamal  C,C++,Java 

I need the following output as shown below:

Id        Name                 Programming 
1         Raju                     Java 
2         kamal                     c 
                                   Java. <code>

The Id is 1 and the Name is Raja then the programming is Java, in the next line there should not be any value for id and Name but for programming there should be Plsql and in next row also same no value.

For Id and Name then for programming it should be Sql.

Can anyone suggest me the code to get the above format? Thank you in advance.

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Use a function to create a collection from the coma delimited string :

1) create the type;

CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE  "TNA_STRMANIPTYPE" as table of varchar2(4000)


CREATE OR REPLACE function str_manipulation
  ( p_str in varchar2,
    p_delim in varchar2 default ',' )
  return tna_strManipType
     v_str long default p_str || p_delim;
     v_n   number;
     v_data tna_strManipType := tna_strManipType();
          v_n := instr( v_str, p_delim );
          exit when (nvl(v_n,0) = 0);
          v_data(v_data.count) := ltrim(rtrim(substr(v_str,1,v_n-1)));
          v_str := substr( v_str, v_n+1 );
      END LOOP;
      RETURN v_data;

Now you you can use this collection as a table :

SELECT column_value 
  FROM TABLE(str_manipulation('Java,Plsql,sql'))

and using this function and casting it to a table, you will need to handle the rest of the insert part for your needs :)

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