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We are implementing primefaces tooltip on datatable. But tooltip postining is away from the datable row.

<p:tooltip targetPosition="bottomLeft" Delay="0" showDelay="0">
<h:outputText value="#{label.lockTime}"
style="font-weight:bold" />
<h:outputText value=": #{cert.lockTime}" />
<p:spacer width="1" height="10" />
<h:outputText value="#{cert.label} " style="font-weight:bold" />
<h:outputText value=": #{cert.userDetails}" />
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Tooltip is not supported within the Primefaces data table at this time. I believe the Primefaces Extensions project has a dataTable capable tooltip component, or you can look at this question and implement an overlaypanel hack instead,… – maple_shaft Apr 5 '12 at 12:18
@maple_shaft thanks – Vish Apr 5 '12 at 13:36

You try this

<p:tooltip />
<p:dataTable var="var" ........>
    <p:column headerText="Market" >
        <h:outputText value=" #{}" title=" #{}" 
     <p:column headerText="Value" >
        <h:outputText value=" #{var.value}" title=" #{var.value}" 


I hope It will work.

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