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I have created a accordion menu using the following code

<h3>Level 1</h3>
<h3>Level 2</h3>
<h3>Level 3</h3>

I want to open the different level headers using code. I tried looking into accordion and widgets code but could not find any function for this.

Please help me what code should be used to open a particular header. Also how to find if the head which should open is already open or not.

I also tried using


as listed here but it says it does not exist

This is the code I am using to create accordion

<div id="rightMenuAccordion" 

    accordion({autoHeight: false, navigation: true, collapsible: false});
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Please post the answer as a separate answer. Do not edit the post. Also, please elaborate on the answer, don't use a single line of code, provide some context. I've edited the answer out, but you can see the history for reference. –  casperOne Apr 5 '12 at 12:31
please add a jsfiddle [www.jsfiddle.net] , that is proper way to debug the issue –  sakhunzai Apr 5 '12 at 12:43

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use activate() FUNCTION

see complete example

NOTE: activate() method only works "collapsible:true"

    accordion({autoHeight: false, navigation: true, collapsible: true});

//by index
$("#rightMenuAccordion").accordion( "option", "active", 2 );

//OR header 
$("h3:last").accordion( "activate",true);
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Initialize the accordion and pass the active header index to be opened

//setter for making the header be open on page load with active index value

Note:activeIndex above should be an integer value and not string. The first header starts from the index value 0.

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Small note, if your accordion only has a single option (i.e. 1 index) you still need to set the active index = 0 or nothing will happen. –  Dominic Woodman Jun 22 '14 at 12:36
@DominicWoodman are you sure?..even if u just dont make the single option header active it will be open by default..you dont have to specify the option explicitly..just $('selector').accordion(); will do.. –  Lucky Jun 23 '14 at 13:41

var indexOfHeaderToBeOpened = 0;

$("#accordion").accordion('activate', indexOfHeaderToBeOpened);

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