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In my program, I need to add some images on the GUI. However, the background color of the image is not the same as the background color of the view. I know that there is a property used to change the image background. However, when I change the feature of this item, there is nothing happen. Do I miss some settings before adding the image on the project such that I cannot change the background color of the image? Thank you so much for your emergent help!

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what do you mean by background here for the imageview or the background of the image? – Pavan Kumar Apr 5 '12 at 8:30
Which property you are used for changing the background color of the image ? – Vineesh TP Jul 10 '12 at 11:47

Change of ImageView's background is possible, but not of Image's.

You can do it by specifying the desired color of ImageView.

[imageViewName setBackgroundColor:[UIColor redColor]];

Or you can specify the RGB values.

[imageViewName setBackgroundColor:[UIColor colorWithRed:0.5 green:0.0 blue:1 alpha:1.0]];
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You can't change the background of the image. But you can change the background color of imageview that contains the image.

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